Riding Low
Saint side – show and shine.

Deep in the back streets of St Albans, there is a small shop that is home to the Saint Side work shop, where the owner brings peoples low rider bicycles dreams to reality.

We have always had a keen interest in the lowrider bike scene in Melbourne, yet have only recently been exposed to it after inheriting a lowrider bike project from a friend.

In the search for parts, I was told about Saint Side and after chatting with the owner, I was able to understand how dedicated Saint Side is to the local scene.

Each year, Saint Side takes part in lots of events related to cars and bikes and they also host Show and Shine events like this one on John Street, outside the work shop.

These events are not massive in comparison to other car / bike shows, but its the passion and comradery that makes these shows awesome.

People from every facet of the scene seem to turn out for these events, just to hang, talk, eat and let their kids run around getting photos with the great rides on show.

I hope that in the year to come, we can spend more time with the Lowrider community and show you what this fun loving group are all about.

check out more from Saint Side on their Saint Side