that one shot 2015 – top 12 finalists

We cannot believe that That One Shot is already in its 3rd year!

As always, we saw some amazing entries from all over the country, but this year the quality of the photography blew us away.

It was no easy task this year to select our final 12, there was much backwards and forwards among the group to get to where we are today, so ladies and gentleman (in no particular order) the top 12 for 2015.

Daria Yakina

Dean Sunshine


Nicole Reed


The Meat Axe


Michel Cabre



The Sideways Monkey



To see the shots from each of these extremely talented photographers printed in their large format glory, get down to Mighty Boy Fitzroy on Friday the 11th of December from 6pm.

There will be cold beers from Wolf Of The Willows, tasty food from Mighty Boy and give aways from our many awesome Sponsors!

Crumpler, Boywolf, Lomography, Urban Attitude, Redwood, King Brown Pomade.


Special thanks goes out to all our sponsors and artsits for their tireless work and dedication:


SMLXL Fine Art Printing, Ilford, Uppercup, Boywolf, Redwood, Crumpler Wolf Of The Willows, Urban Attitude, Lomagraphy and VNA Magazine.



Dvate – Melbourne
Heesco  – Melbourne
Steve Cross – Melbourne
Jack Douglas – Melbourne
Resume – Melbourne
Unwell Bunny – Melbourne
Ohnoes – Melbourne
Staying Creative – Melbourne
Mitch Walder – Melbourne
Dose – Melbourne
Crisis – Melbourne / Sydney
Katun – Malaysia
ClogTwo – Singapore
InkTen – Singapore
Shiz – Israel
Keomatch – Sydney
Mike Watt – Sydney
Amac – Melbourne
23rd Key – Melbourne
Facter – Melbourne