Street Shots
Head for the hills – San Francisco, October 2015
San Francisco

When you have pretty much been raised by American movies and TV, cites such as San Francisco become romanticized, with images of beautiful homes atop roaming hills, over looking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Even though this was my second trip to America, it was my first time in San Fran. We were staying in a area called South Of Market (SoMa), part of the suburbs that make up down town and is the edge of the financial district.

This is definitely the gritter side of the city, high rise building surrounded by tent cities and wondering homeless.

With the recent tech boom, San Fran in just the last few years has seen a immense amount of change. Area’s such SoMa, Mission and Tenderloin seeing a wave of gentrification where you can find micro brew beer stores and small batch coffee roasters mixed in with dirty laundromats and derelict petrol stations that are waiting to be turned into the next high rise condo complex.

I am grateful that this was my introduction to the city, as it gave me a deeper understanding of why people in this city are a unique breed.

We hit all the standard tourist spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and Crooked Lombard Street, Yet it was visiting street level spots like Zero Friends and Upperplayground that really made our visit special.

The people that run and work in these stores are down to earth, good-hearted people that are more than happy to take time out to talk about your common love for art, photography, travel and everything in between.

We had the pleasure of catching up artist Jeremy Fish on the very last day of his residency at City Hall. Although insanely busy, Mr.Fish took a little time out to talk about the show he has been working on that was debuting later that week.

MR.Fish is exceptionally passionate person, not afraid to speak his mind about how the city he loves has changed in the last few years and the exodus of artists and creatives from the city due to the skyrocketing housing prices.

San Fran for me was quite a eye opening experience and I hope we can visit again,  very soon.