Riding Low
The last lowrider – Los Angeles, November 2015.
Los Angeles

The 6th Street Bridge in Down Town LA has been the gritty back drop of countless movies.

More recently it has gained notoriety thanks to personalities such as Magnus Walker and Ken Block in their respective videos Urban Outlaw and Gymkhana 7.

Sadly though, the bridge is suffering from tremendous concrete cancer and is scheduled for destruction in January 2016.

Santa Fa Ave that runs underneath the 6th Street bridge has been host to hundreds of local car meets, none quite as notable as the lowrider gatherings.

Being from Australia, it is not often that you see lowriders of this caliber, tipping scraping and three wheeling was a total spectacle.

This will be the final 6th street low rider meet and it was a pleasure to take photos of these rides and meet the characters that created them.

In Down Town LA this seemed a fitting send off for a global icon.