Vegas Baby
Meeting Idols and legendary rides – SEMA Show – Las Vegas, November 2015
Las Vegas

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Attending the SEMA Show in Vegas has been a life long dream. I grew up on a heavy diet of reality car shows from America and knowing that we were on the other side of the planet made it seem unattainable.


Sema 2015 was the year that almost all my automotive industry idols were making a appearance and there was no way I was going to miss it.


I can not help but get a little nervous when I meet people that I have held in such high regard. You know that meeting them can change the way you feel towards them permanently.


The first person we met was Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage, he was in full autograph mode and although physically present, whe seemed to have mentally signed off (or was hungover).


It was a bit of a shame, but I tried not to let it effect me. Next up was Aaron Kaufman, the lead Mechanic of Gas Monkey Garage. This guy is a total legend, super friendly and up for a chat with the hundreds of people lining up to see him.


The good times kept rolling when we met the crew from Street Outlaws. Chuck, Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, Big Chief, Kamikaze Chris and Monza.  A larger than life bunch of fun loving guys that clowned around and took photos with all their fans.


Second last was the legendary Chip Foose, a institution in the automotive world. He is known for being a super nice guy, he was all that and more. Taking time to chat with both of us and genuinely seemed to be interested.

Last of all we met Ken Block, the man behind the Gymkhana videos. Ken is another stand up dude, he kept on smiling even though this was the second signing session he had done that day and it wasn’t even lunch time..
Meeting all these legends left me with a strange feeling, as if my brain had trouble processing it all. But a few days later, I couldn’t help but smile.
Thanks for having us Las Vegas.